CBD-infused beverages continue to gain popularity among those seeking a convenient way to reap the extract’s benefits. Today, the options are as extensive as they are delicious!  Whether you’re looking for something simple and effective, such as CBD water, or looking for one of the more innovative beverages like CBD quick shots, teas or protein drinks, there’s no shortage of ways to reap the compound’s wide ranging benefits.  At Hempsol CBD in Rochester, we’re proud to stock one of the area’s most comprehensive assortments of CBD drinks.

display of cbd drink varierties

From newbies looking for an easy way to familiarize themselves with CBD, to the experienced user who clearly understands what to look for, Hempsol CBD proudly offers only superior-grade CBD products from todays’ most trusted growers and manufacturers. Visit our store to learn more about any of the products and brands we carry.

  • Living® CBD Water and CBD-infused Hydration Beverages
  • CBD Coffee from Strava Craft Coffee, Zero THC Coffee Products  
  • CBD-infused Protein Drinks and Post Workout Beverages  
  • CBD Chill Shots from CDBfx with Supporting Nutrients
  • Naturally-flavored CBD Sodas and Sparking Water
  • CBD Tea from Buddha Teas and The Bothers Apothecary

Visit Hempsol CBD in Rochester to See Our Complete Inventory

There’s a reason why so many CBD enthusiasts in the greater Rochester and WNY area continue to trust Hempsol.  Our brand diversity is unmatched, our staff consists of compassionate experts, and we listen closely to the needs and concerns of all those we serve.  To learn more about today’s newest and most popular CBD-infused water and beverages, or information on what makes us a CBD shop you can trust, call or stop in and we’ll be happy to help.

Hempsol CBD is conveniently located at 1425 Jefferson Rd in Rochester. We hope you’ll take the time to stop in and see our full selection of products, or get in touch for more information by calling 585-319-3766 or writing to us through our quick contact form.